As the Fashion Editor of Afrostyle Magazine, Khanyi Shabalala has been working her way around the fashion circuit and eventually landed on Afrostyle doorsteps five years ago. Khanyi was born and raised in South Africa to one of the most influential musical families. She moved to the United States 10 years ago where she attended Otis College and School of Style in Los Angeles to study fashion. This is where she met her partners Amaha Onyioha and Jason Maddox and together they turned their innate vision and creativity into forming what is now called Afrostyle Magazine. An internationally renowned fashion editor, and blogger with years of celebrated work in the fashion industry Khanyi got her start as stylist and never looked back.With fastidious attention to cutting edge international fashion, Khanyi’s personal style interprets trends and makes them all her own. For Khanyi, it’s about being the best editor she can be, and to be able to give readers inspirational and accessible ideas. Despite her professional success, Khanyi knows the anguish of living with a debilitating, life-changing genetic disorder of the nervous system called Neurofibromatosis which she addresses in her blogg. 

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